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Deer Season Range Restrictions

Hello Everyone.

At the membership meeting on November 4th, 38 members attended and all voted on a range restriction during riffle season Nov 21st thru Dec 13th. 33 members were in favor for and passed the following range restriction during this time period. Please make every effort to adhere to this restriction during this time frame.

During Nov 21st thru Dec 13th, ALL ranges will be open ONLY between the hours of 10am to 2pm. Sunday morning Trap and Breakfast will be running as normal.

There is a map of the club grounds posted at the sign in booth. When you sign in before you hunt, please be sure to list the area you are hunting in so other hunters or emergency personnel know where you are.

If you have any questions or concerns, please give Dave Newkirk a call at 567-7991.

Be Safe, happy hunting and don't forget to share your stories. ;)

Thank you.



Winter is here. We have heat in the Trap shack! We will be giving away a free round for the last white target shot in a round. so come on over and shoot a few rounds and support our club.

Wednesday trap shooting during January thru March will be canceled due to weather conditions. Wednesday shooting will resume starting April 1st
Sundays are still on the same schedule 9am till Noon!

Thanks, Roy

Trap Sunday at 9:00 am

For Info call Roy at (518) 860-7792.

Trap Shooting is open to the public! So, be sure to tell all your

Trap Shootin' friends and tell 'em to pass the word.


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This is where you will discover what it means to be a sportsman, an individual who possesses character, honesty and respect for nature and his fellow man. There are also links here to help you keep current of pending legislation pertinent to the sportsman.

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Located on 60 acres in beautiful Columbia County, New York, the Kinderhook Sportsmen's Club has a 100 yard rifle range, a pistol range, a trap field, archery ranges. Situated adjacent to our clubhouse, picnic tables adorn the outdoor special events pavilion, as pictured below. It's quite an idyllic locale.



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